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When we let us win on campus

The two Israel-supportive events, the Harvard Israel and Florida Loves Israel conferences from this past spring, receive total impact scores of 7.65 and 9.62 respectively, which rank them among the pro-Israel on-campus events with the highest visibility and support of the past two years.

Ultimately, the two lessons from our analysis—when we create media attention for Israel detractors, they win; when we focus on relationship-based engagement, we win—show the path to greatest success for the campus Israel network. Israel’s campus detractors are organized, motivated and determined, and they take a long-term view; and yet, when the pro-Israel community is disciplined, strategic and proactive, we have and will continue to enjoy great success.

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Letter from the Israeli Consulate General to Florida and Puerto Rico

Addressing the 2012 Florida Loves Israel Conference

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Students come together for "Florida Loves Israel"

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Israel Campus Beat

What Can One Person Do?

That’s one of the great things about the college years: If you see a need, if you have a dream, if you believe you can change the world (or even one small corner of it), you can take the plunge and do the deed. Hard work, creativity and the help of a network can open doors and empower you to make a new reality for dozens, hundreds, even thousands of people.

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Across Florida, Students Unite to Show the Love

University of Florida sophomore Alyssa Baron loves spending Saturdays rooting against rival Florida schools’ football teams, but when it comes to supporting Israel on campus, she’s all about teamwork.

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Ask Herzl Culminates Successful First Semester with Theo Awards

This month, Ask Herzl announced the winners of its inaugural Theo Awards (also affectionately called ‘Theos’), which recognize excellence in Israel programming and advocacy by rewarding users who contribute innovative programs or ideas to the site; the winners received cash prizes and grants.

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In Florida, Conference is Epitome of Collaboration

“Fostering relationships between these Israel groups is what ensures that our campus’ activism can remain sustainable,” Kahn said. “Relationship-building is what fuels our programs, and constant communication is vital to making sure we’re not wasting time with overlapping programming. Creating these strong bonds between clubs means we can put our best efforts forward, and we don’t need to reinvent the wheel every year.”

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Florida Loves Israel

Thanks to Presidential politics, all eyes are on Florida. But there’s another reason to be watching the Sunshine State: At the beginning of February, Florida State University (FSU) students will open the state’s first-ever pro-Israel conference completely organized by students.

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the independent florida alligator

Carl Bernstein talks media, Israel at UF

Being pro-Israel, he said, is a commitment to knowledge. “If we, as American Jews, do the work, Israel is more secure,” Bernstein said.

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FSVIEW & Florida Flambeau

Consul general of Israel speaks to students

Chaim Sacham, Consul General of Israel to Florida and Puerto Rico said he was happy Noles for Israel was proactive enough to bring together students across the state to the new conference. “It’s absolutely amazing that Noles for Israel was able to take the initiative, that they were able to put together all the details that were necessary,” Shacham said. “It’s a step in the right direction for Israel and Florida.”

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Florida Loves Israel conference begins Feb. 2

Terry Rydz said Florida State should be proud to be the first university to bring together a group of schools that are normally rivalries, in the interest of Israel. “It doesn’t matter if you’re a Gator, or a Knight, or you’re at FIU, wherever, we all have the same interests, which is a love for Israel,” Rydz said.“We can forget our little differences and all work together toward a common goal.”

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One state, one nation: Florida Loves Israel

As the sun set, everyone split into three groups. Some separated to hear Lieutenant Roy reminisce about his days in the Israeli armed forces, others pulled and pushed in order to learn the self-defense form Krav Maga, and the rest retreated inside to Hora and grapevine the night away.

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The Jewish Press

Florida Loves Israel – A Student Conference in Tallahassee

Eight months and endless hours of planning later students arrived in Tallahassee, Florida ready to learn together, grow together, and remind one another that though they have strong opposition in their own communities, “if you will it, it is no dream.” These students are passionate, fearless, and love their homeland Israel.

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Yishai Fleisher: Broadcasting Israel

Radio: The ‘other’ Jewish State

In the third segment of this week’s show, Yishai speaks to Joe Sabag, the executive director of the Zionist Organization of America’s Florida Office.

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The Hasbara Campus Pulse

Sunshine State Sticks Together

Since the start of 2012, Florida has demonstrated the tremendous support it has for Israel. Such support is crucial, especially in light of increased rocket attacks being launched from Gaza.This support is most clearly demonstrated by the students of Florida's universities, who have taken the initiative to organize and host events such as Florida Loves Israel (FLI) and Israel Peace Week (IPW).

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Florida Loves Israel!

What's next in Florida? Empowered FLI students from Florida International University, University of South Florida and University of Central Florida are already organizing Hasbara Fellowships’ “Israel Peace Week” on their campuses, and many other local schools are expected to participate in this campaign about Israel's efforts for peace.

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Avi Gordon, StandWithUs East Coast Campus Coordinator will speak twice on “Advanced Advocacy” and the “THE BDS Movement: Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Against Israel.”

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Yalla Israel Magazine

Israel Conference flies to new heights!

But I believe that there is more than just this. I believe that the group of leaders that put this together not only made an impact for Florida but for all of America and pro-Israel students worldwide. They have set the bar in terms of pro-Israel advocacy and leadership, and the future looks even brighter.

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