FLI creates a space for the ultimate Israel-based engagement between pro-Israel students across college campuses.


FLI creates the gesher (bridge) between pro-Israel organizations and students on college campuses by facilitating student-led Israel based engagement through cross campus educational programming and philanthropy.


FLI’s vision is to have a network of pro-Israel student organizations whose members are all learning together and working side by side through Israel-based engagement and programming. We believe that these efforts should not be individualized or limited to the parameters of one’s campus, but rather unified throughout states, across the country and eventually around the world. After years of active personal engagement at our conferences, as well as through cross-campus programming and our network of philanthropy, we envision a time when students will have a national and international network of pro-Israel colleagues, experts, and scholars to support their continued education and development. FLI will facilitate the development of this network by offering direct aid, access to educational resources, contacts and planning assistance to pro-Israel students and their organizations. 


FLI will facilitate cross-campus, Israel-based engagement and education. By physically bringing together student organizations and their members at educational programs that are developed by students, for students, FLI will improve the outreach and impact of  campus-based organizations, deepen their members’ knowledge and understanding of Israel, and sharpen their leadership skills. Additionally, the skills acquired through FLI will be transferable to realms beyond the college campus environment, as well as in the participants’ future pro-Israel endeavors.



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