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Noles for Israel

We run bi-weekly meetings that aim to be simultaneously educational, interactive, and fun. Outside of regular meetings, we host a variety of events. Culturally, we have shown Israeli films, teach Krav Maga (Israeli Self Defense), and Rikud (traditional Israeli dancing). Politically, we have taken our members on advocacy missions to the state capitol, working to ensure that Florida divest from Iran and remain a true partner to Israel. Furthermore, we have on several occasions hosted the Counsel and Deputy Counsel General from Israel to Florida and Puerto Rico.

In addition Noles For Israel has strived to create an environment on FSU campus that promotes co-existence. For example, last year we held a panel discussion with Middle East Expert David Makovsky, FSU faculty, and Palestinian delegates that focused on ways to move towards a two state solution. Finally, Noles for Israel holds it’s annual philanthropy, “Sing Your Heart Out,” during which we went a local club for a night and all proceeds go towards the Save a Childs Heart Foundation. This organization brings children from around the 3rd world to Israel for Free heart surgery. 49% of these children have been from across the Arab world including Gaza and the West Bank. Over the past 2 years we have raised over $5,000.

 Through these programs and others, we work to accomplish our group goals:

1) To educate the students of Florida State University culturally and politically with regard to the role of which Israel plays as the only Western Democracy in the Middle East.

2) We strive to make current affairs of the Middle East common knowledge throughout Florida State’s campus.

3) We aim to inspire others to take a stand on behalf of Israel against its ongoing battle with terrorism, in the hopes of one day finding Israel a partner in her essential dream of peace.

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