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Daniel Ackerman

Noles For Israel President 2011-2012

Year: Junior

Major: BFA Graphic Design

Duties: Daniel Ackerman worked hand-in-hand with Terry Rydz to first develop the concept for the Florida Loves Israel conference. Daniel was the conference Graphic Designer, designing the FLI logo, FLI Website and marketing materials. He was the Campus and Organizational Outreach Director, organized educational speakers, and headed PR and Communications activities. Daniel was also responsible for reaching out to major Universities in Florida in coordinating with their students to bring them to the conference. Daniel worked with the national and international organizations to choose the subject matter for FLI’s workshops. With regards to PR and Communications, Daniel reached out to publications in order to have FLI covered, before, during, and after the conference. Lastly, he was responsible for applying for various grants to fund FLI and worked directly with the conference director and other staff members.

Terry Rydz

Noles For Israel Vice President 2011-2012

Year: Senior

Major: Dual Degree in International & Affairs Middle East Studies

Duties: Terry Rydz worked hand-in-hand with Daniel Ackerman to first develop the concept for the Florida Loves Israel conference. He continued to work for the conference as the Political Outreach Director. As the Political Outreach Director, Terry oversaw all aspects of the conference that involved advocacy. Specifically, Terry oversaw and helped organize advocacy training sessions and educational speakers, planned and implemented hands on advocacy sessions with participants of the conference and members of the Florida Senate and House, and worked directly with the conference director and other staff members.

Ron Krudo

Floirda Loves Israel Conference Student Director

Noles For Israel Head of Liaison 2011-2012

Year: Junior

Major: Political Science and International Affairs

Duties: Serving as the conference Director, Ron Krudo was in charge of all planning and managerial operations for FLI. He spearheaded co-sponsorship throughout Florida State University and the Tallahassee Community. Ron coordinated with all national and international organizations in integrating them into the conference program. In addition he worked very closely with the Florida State University Administration in order to secure the permits to successfully run all of the logistics, making the conference as smooth and organized as possible. Ron applied for grants and managed the entire budget of the conference. Lastly, Ron ran all daily operations and acted as the main MC for FLI.

Jenna Citron

Hillel Jewish Student Life Coordinator

Year: Graduate Student

Major: Master’s student in the Askew School of Public Administration and Policy.

Duties: Jenna Citron mentored the Noles for Israel board throughout the entire planning process. She managed the registration site, and was responsible for all registration operations for the 130 participants. Jenna worked closely with The Director in all logistics. She also led Shabbat conversations and conference workshops.

Katie Lazarus

Noles For Israel Member

Year: Freshman

Major: Business & Marketing

Duties: Katie Lazarus acted as the personal assistant to The Director and helped contact all national and international organizations. She also was the creator of both the FLI Preview video, and the FLI post conference video.

Harrison Dubosar

Noles For Israel Board Member

Year: Junior

Major: Criminology & International Affairs

Duties: Harrison Dubosar was the Legislative coordinator at the Florida State Capital and educated students on effective lobbying and advocacy methods and skills through his workshop.

Michelle Faidengold

Noles For Israel Secretary 2011-2012

Year: Sophomore

Major: Marketing and Management

Duties: Michelle Faidengold was responsible for planning and executing Shabbat 300. Michelle also helped run opening day registration. She served as the main coordinator with Chabad at FSU.

Rachel Tenenbaum

Noles For Israel Philanthropy Chair 2011-2012

Year: Senior

Major: Psychology

Duties: Rachel Tenenbaum was responsible for hospitality through hotel reservations.

Laura Hersch

Noles For Israel PR & Communications 2011-2012

Year: Junior

Major: International Affairs

Duties: Laura Hersch was responsible for organizing all day activities at the FSU Lake Reservation. She created the Florida Loves Israel Press Release and assisted with PR and Communication activities.

Coral Weizman

Noles For Israel Member

Year: Freshman

Major: Psychology

Duties: Coral Weizman was responsible for helping make and distribute conference materials. Coral worked with Laura Hersch in organizing activities at the FSU Lake Reservation and planned the alternative Shabbat for Shomer Shabbat students.

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